The Value Of Search Engine Optimization

Several years ago, it was very difficult for small businesses to compete with multi-national companies. Small business owners hardly have enough money to keep their company afloat, while big corporations spend millions of dollars every year on TV, radio and newspaper ads and giant billboards. Thankfully today, this is no longer the case. With the enormous popularity of the Internet, businesses of all sizes now use search engine optimization (SEO) to promote their products and services. And because of the cost-effectiveness of this strategy, any business can reap the benefits of search engine optimization.

Ways You Can Benefit from SEO

When you choose to optimize your website, you stand to reap the following benefits:

1. Compete with the big companies

On the Internet, it doesn’t matter if you own a chain of supermarkets or a single ‘mom and pop’ store down the street. You have the opportunity to compete with the biggest names in your industry online.

2. Reach new markets

If you own an e-commerce website, you don’t have to focus your business on the people living in your city. You can operate on a national scale, and in fact, you can sell your products to anyone from anywhere in the world.

3. Cost-effective advertising

Contrary to what many people believe, SEO is not expensive. Sure, there are SEO agencies that charge tens of thousands of dollars every month but there are also those who can work around your budget. Besides, the results are long-term and they enable you to make more money too.

4. Build trust

The value of search engine optimization lies in its ability to bring you more customers and one way it is able to do this is by boosting your credibility online. People trust Google and for them, the first few websites that appear on the search results are the ones that are trustworthy. If you are a new or unknown company, then it’s even more essential to utilize SEO.

5. Increase website traffic

A study conducted by a reputable online ad network, Chitika, found that the first website that appears on page 1 of the results gets 32.5% of the traffic. So, if in one day there are 1,000 people who search for a keyword in which your site ranks #1 for, then that means you’ll get 325 visitors for that day. Imagine how many customers you can convert out of the 325 who will visit your website.

6. Manage your reputation online

Whether you like it or not, people can and will say some bad things about your business – it could be a competitor or a disgruntled customer. And if you don’t do anything about it, you could drive away potential customers. But with SEO, you can see to it that only good information about your products, services or brand will appear at the top of the search results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) levels the playing field for all businesses on the Internet; you’ll get more customers and consequently more sales with the right SEO strategy. And this pretty much sums up the reason why you need it.