Content Is King Of The Online World

In the “child” stages of the web, as we know it today, search engines were created to organize the web, its assets, and the content that was being produced online. In essence, search engines were created because of content.

Because search engines, Google being #1, are the most heavily used tool on the web to find anything online, appealing to search engines when you want to be easily found is a must. And if your website has little to no content, the likeliness of you or your business’s website being found online will be slim.

Don’t just take my word for it, do a search for instance of “Hawaii cleaners” on Google and do an audit of the top ranking websites on the first page versus websites on the 10th page of the search results.

More than likely you will find the amount of content is noticeably different between the top ranking search result websites and the websites on the 10th page.

So if you want to increase your search engine rankings for your keyword search queries relative to your website’s offerings, write more content on your website!

Of course there are other factors that play into getting the higher ranking spots on search engines, but you’ll have to comeback to find out about those.

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